AMR creative philosophy

Behind the AMR brand is Ana Maria Ricov, a designer with a fashion degree who has been passionately and diligently working in all areas of the making of AMR collections since 2007.

The creative thought permeating AMR collections is devising interesting solutions of cuts, and tailoring which does not lose meaning with time. The manipulation of fabrics and merging of seemingly diverse forms are a creative constant. Unpretentious contrasts and asymmetry are commonly featured in the collections. AMR aesthetics suggests a simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty.  

Great emphasis is given to the entire process of making the garment. The basic and necessary approach is the presence of Ana Maria’s touch in each part of the production, starting from sketching and the choice of fabric, followed by hand weaving or hand painting to construction and sewing.

In the process of making the garments the focus lies in functionality and ease of wear. The important element of “smart” clothes is freedom of movement and complementing the shape of the body. The approach to designing is not connected to popular trends and the basic idea is resistant to time and social changes.

Each new collection carries a new concept and inspiration, interpreted in her recognizable spirit and signature. The collections are the products of the synergy of the experience and knowledge of the designer who draws her inspiration from various branches of art, culture, philosophy, people and nature.

The permanent aesthetic value and the possibility of transformation of an AMR garment depend on the person wearing it. The garment gains another dimension with each different approach to wearing, making it almost unrecognizable.